Fan club enrollment procedure

Enrollment procedure

① Tap "+ Become a member".

② Select "New registration", enter your e-mail address and password, and tap "Agree to the terms and start".

③ You will receive a confirmation email in the registration email.

Confirmation of the e-mail address will be completed by accessing the URL sent to the registration e-mail.

④ Tap "+ Become a member" again and enter the registered e-mail address and password from "Login".

⑤ Please register your user ID, gender, and date of birth.

⑥ When you come to the profile screen, registration to the funk club management site "bitfan" is complete.

* "Identity verification" at the bottom of the screen is only necessary when launching a fan club, and those who become members do not need to apply.

You also don't need to send an image of your ID.

⑦ From the fan club top page, tap "+ Become a member" again to display the payment information registration screen.

After entering the payment information, fan club registration will be completed.

If you can see the members-only content, you have already registered as a member, so please enjoy it with confidence.

This fan club uses a point system called bitfan.

What is bitfan? The point function of bitfan collects fan behavior (heat) and converts it into value (bitfan points).

There are various collection destinations such as visiting the official website, joining a fan club, browsing content, and purchasing goods. You can check the collected value (bitfan points) at any time on MY PAGE.

Regarding the linking of points , you can proceed to linking by clicking the "Start earning points" button on My Page. If you register with bitfanID, allow the cooperation, and see the bitfan My Page, the cooperation is completed.

We will provide various services according to the points you have collected, so please look forward to it!

You can check the details of points from About Points.



You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

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