Notice regarding the decision to hold a transfer performance of "Leo Akanishi LIVE 2021" Re: Start ""



Thank you for always supporting Reo Akanishi.

Saturday, August 21, 2021 at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)

The transfer performance of the "Re: Start" performance scheduled to be held from January 15th to 16th has been decided! !!

Please note that the venue has changed from the venue that was originally Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) to Zepp Diver City (TOKYO).

In addition, we will hold performances twice a day.

At Reo Akanishi's fan club, apart from the general sale of live tickets

For fan club members

We are planning to sell tickets with limited goods!

Please consider joining at this opportunity.


<Outline of performance>

Performance title

Leo Akanishi LIVE 2021 “Re: Start”

Performance date and time

[Part 1]

Saturday, August 21, 2021 Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)

OPEN: 15: 00 / START: 15: 30

[Part 2]

Saturday, August 21, 2021 Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)

OPEN: 18: 00 / START: 18:30

▼ Venue access


DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Nearest station

5 minutes walk from "Daiba Station" on the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Line (Yurikamome) 3 minutes walk from "Tokyo Teleport Station" on the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line

Ticket price

[Advance sale]

Ticket type ① FC member limited ticket All seats reserved ¥ 6,500 (tax included) with goods *

・ Goods contents (hand towel / message card / psyllium)

* A separate drink fee of ¥ 600 is required at the time of admission

Ticket type ② All seats reserved ¥ 5,500 (tax included) With goods *

・ Goods contents (message card / psyllium)

* A separate drink fee of ¥ 600 is required at the time of admission

* Hand towels and message cards have different designs for each performance.

Advance ticket reception

[FC member precedent]

FC precedent: June 25th (Friday) 18:00 to July 4th (Sunday) 23:59

Remarks / Others

* Please be sure to read the "Notes on admission" below the site.

Please visit only those who understand.

The goods that come with the tickets for the August 21st performance will be the products that were originally planned for the January performance.

▼ January 15 performance goods → Distributed at the 15:30 start performance

▼ January 16 performance goods → Distributed at 18:30 start performance

* No admission under 3 years old (charged for 3 years old and over)

* FC member-only tickets can only be purchased by FC members.

However, the companion can be a non-member.

* Please note that videos and images of the venue, including the audience seats, may be released.

* Resale for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


Regarding the following notes and guidance, both representatives and accompanying persons

Please apply for and visit the venue after understanding and consenting.

Cancellations and refunds are not possible after purchasing the ticket.

We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all our customers.

We hope that all visitors can enjoy the performance safely.

We will work on infectious disease prevention measures.

<About performances>

・ We will carry out the concert based on the guidelines of each local government and the terms of use of the venue. Mobilization will be less than 50% of the maximum capacity of the venue.

・ The seats used will be announced at intervals. Please note that you may get across the aisle with your companion.

・ If the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, government agencies, or local governments request to refrain from holding performances or declare an emergency, the performances may be postponed or canceled.

・ If there is a possibility of an infectious disease occurring in the performance venue, we may provide information to the designated organization for the purpose of identifying the contact person. In addition, we may ask all participants to cooperate in surveys such as interviews.

Ventilation will be maintained inside the venue due to facility equipment. In addition, we will disinfect the common areas on a regular basis.

・ Performers and staff are working on temperature measurement and health management before the start of business. In addition, the staff will wear masks, face shields, etc.

・ Goods will be sold at the venue after taking measures against infectious diseases.

<Request in advance>

・ Please download the "Physical Condition Questionnaire" from the official website, fill it out on the day of the event, and bring it with you.

* It will be released on the website around the beginning of August.

Please measure the temperature and manage your physical condition from 14 days before the performance date.

Visitors are kindly requested to cooperate in downloading the new coronavirus contact confirmation app (COCOA) recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

・ If you are coming in a wheelchair, please contact the inquiries for each performance in advance after purchasing the ticket. It will be viewed in the wheelchair space designated by the venue.

<Request on the day of the performance>

・ Be sure to measure the temperature before departure and make sure that the temperature is below 37.5 degrees before you come to the venue.

We will keep the "Physical Condition Questionnaire" at the time of admission.

At the time of admission, the temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer. Those who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher will not be admitted. In that case, ticket refunds will not be available.  

Please refrain from visiting the venue on the day of the event if you have any of the following symptoms.

Those who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, or those who continue to have a fever / Those who have cold symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, etc.) / Strong dullness (malaise) or dyspnea (dyspnea) Someone / Those who have a patient with a new coronavirus infection or a close contact person / Those who have not passed 14 days since entering Japan from a country / region where the government has immigration restrictions / Others Those who are worried

Those who are not wearing masks will not be allowed to enter. Please wear a mask when you come to the venue.

Please wear a mask during the performance and when you leave. Please refrain from cheering during the performance to prevent splashing.

When we guide you to line up at the venue, we will guide you with a gap between customers.

We will ask you to disinfect your fingers with alcohol when you enter or leave the venue.

Please refrain from chatting in the hall or lobby after entering the venue. Also, please cooperate in keeping the distance between customers in the venue.

Re-entry is not possible after admission.

・ After the performance, we will be closed from the regulation to ease the congestion of the aisle.

・ If you feel uncomfortable at the venue on the day of the event, please speak to the staff immediately.

Please refrain from waiting for the performers to enter or leave as it may be crowded.

・ Presents and letters to performers will be declined from the perspective of preventing infectious diseases.


Organizer: REDWEST

Planning / Production: Roundabout

Inquiries about the performance: Roundabout

TEL 03-6418-7205
(Business hours: Weekdays 12: 00-16: 00)



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